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Interviewed by the Judaica in the spotlight, European online magazine

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

To be contacted and interviewed by a European that introduces Jewish art & Judaica artists to the wider community is a privilege and a great pride for me.

This shared love for Judaica art and allowing the Jewish community to discover the artists, to be able to find what they are looking for in Judaica art, gifts to give to people they love or for a special occasion all over the world, is, in my opinion, great.

In answering their questions, I describe my journey, my inspirations and my aspirations and I realize the path I have taken and the one that lies ahead. Today, 6 months later, I realize how much I have evolved in my field. And this is thanks to my wonderful clients.

They are the ones who trusted me, and who, from their reaction to the discovery of the object created according to their requirements, which was filled with emotion and recognition. I have analyzed and listened to their needs, with always the desire to do more and more to satisfy my customers.

I was amazed when, after posting on Facebook in an amazing group, I got the same week, from 2 different people the same request. Am I making artwork with the Chuppah broken glass? With the broken engagement plate?

Wow! That’s a very interesting request! I love it!

Then after finding and offering ideas, the 2 people ordered from me their artwork that were, as they told me, much more beautiful than what they expected. What gratification for me, it made me s happy. I was the start of taking a new direction for me in my path. I certainly continue what I’m doing and also introduce new products.

My work is all about emotion. The emotion I feel when I think of the object, the emotion when I create the object, and the emotion that the person who will have this object will feel.

All this, made me want to enter the field of gifts, because a gift is first of all a feeling of love, the love we have for the person to whom we want to offer this gift on an occasion full of meaning such as a wedding, a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, a birthday, a bachelorette party, engagements…

As you know, my specialty is glass art, so it was an evidence to me to develop my own Chuppah Glass breaking kits as Jewish wedding gifts.

I introduced my new collection to wedding planners in Israel and around the world, they are very happy to offer from now on my Chuppah glass breaking kits to future married couples.

It is amazing to see how, from one idea, we advance to the next idea, and slowly by slowly reach exactly what we really wanted.

As you can understand when you read this article, I’m passioned and very dynamic, always create with love, developing new products constantly and have as motive the satisfaction of my client. What a beautiful adventure.

Read my interview in the Judaica in the spotlight :

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Talia C. Judaica Glass Artist
Talia C. Judaica Glass Artist


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