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  • Is the scroll included with the mezuzah item?
    No, the scroll is not included with the mezuzah item but if you purchased it as a gift and would like a scroll to be added in the package, you can send me a scroll with the wedding glass shards and I will add it gladly in the package.
  • What scroll size fits to the mezuzah case?
    Small glass mezuzah : 5.5 inches X 1,9 inches (14 cm X 5 cm) - fits a 2.7" scroll case. Big glass mezuzah : 7.48 inches X 1,9 inches (19,5 cm X 5 cm) - fits a 5" scroll case. Resin mezuzah : Mezuzah : 1 inch X 5.9 inches (15 cm X 2,5 cm) - fits a 4.7" scroll case.
  • How to use the glass for breaking at the Jewish ceremony?
    Warning: stepping on any glass carries the inherent risk of injury to the foot or ankle, especially if the broken shards of glass penetrate the shoe. To minimize the risk, you may wish to cover the goblet pouch with a towel or additional protection. The groom should be mindful of the risk and use the heel of the shoe, which offers more protection, rather than the sole when stepping on the glass.
  • Colors and designs
    Note that for all items, the colors of the pictures may vary from one monitor computer to another. For the colors of items with wedding glasses and shards may vary from photos but will be very similar. Please consider your design will be similar but not identical to the cover photo. Each creation is unique because it is handmade and will be created according to your specific shards and choices. Be sure that I will put all my heart to make it the most spectacular possible.
  • Handling and care of your art piece and Jewelry piece
    Handling and care of your art piece: Do not use harsh cleaners on your art piece. Wipe with a damp cloth if necessary. Do not put the art piece in contact with heat sources or direct contact with fire. Make sure that the candle wax is not in direct contact with the resin candlestick. Use a suitable aluminum foil or metal liners/cup. To keep your art piece in its optimum condition, for as long as possible, do not expose the art piece to direct or indirect sunlight. Handling and care of your Jewelry piece: Avoid scratches; remove before strenuous activities. Store pieces separately. Prevent water exposure; dry thoroughly. Keep away from harsh chemicals. Wipe resin with a damp cloth; avoid alcohol. Keep away from direct sunlight; control moisture. Keep away from heat sources.
  • How to hang the glass mezuzah on the side door?
    There are two holes in the mezuzah. One above and one below. You place the mezuzah with two nails. The mezuzah case is therefore immobilized and imprisons the scroll that you own (FYI, the scroll is not included with the mezuah).
  • How to dry my flowers?
    I suggest you to watch this very interesting tutorial I found on YouTube: Flowers & Resin: Some flowers dry better than others in terms of appearance and color, and their colors may change once embedded in resin. All resin will naturally yellow over time, especially when exposed to sunlight, and bubbles are common in resin pieces.
  • Where can I go to read reviews about Talia C. products and wesite?
  • I made a mistake on my order - How do I amend it?
  • Can I check my order status online?
  • I accidentally placed a duplicate order - How do I cancel the duplicate(s)?
  • Personalization
    You can select the color you wish for the decorated elements (gold/rose gold/silver), for the foil flakes I'm using with the resin, and for the Hebrew Shin letter (Mezuzah) See the attached picture for illustration. For letting me know your choice with your purchase: Select the option "add personalization", and answer the question in the available space.
  • Return and exchange
    The return or exchange of an item is accepted if it is a finished product sold, which was ready to be shipped and not created to order, and the item must be unused and carefully packed in a box as it was sent. You will be reimbursed upon receipt of the package. Returns and exchanges are not accepted on personalized, custom-made or made-to-order items.
  • I want to add a Personal note to my order
    If you are sending your purchase as a gift for someone, I will be happy to add a note for you (the note is printed with my printer on traditional paper). Please send me the note (by message) with your order and payment so as not to delay the shipment. If I don’t receive the note on time, the package will be sent without it.
  • How long does delivery take?
  • How will my order be packaged?
  • How long does it take for my order to be shipped ?
    - Your order for a wedding breaking glass kit will be dispatched within 1 - 2 business days. - A personalized artwork will be dispatched within 1 to 4 weeks. - An artwork made with your own wedding glass shards will be dispatched within 1 - 6 weeks.
  • How long does it take to receive my parcel ?
    All shipments are shipped with a tracking number (traced and signed), and it usually takes 2 to 5 business days to arrive at destination at the international and 1 to 3 business days in Israel.
  • Shipping your Wedding Glass Shards
    Pack the Glass Shards: Wrap the glass shards in 2 layers of aluminum foil, place them in a sealed bag, and then pack them in a bubble wrap envelope. Ship the Glass Shards: You can either drop off or ship your wedding glass shards to my studio (with most clients choosing USPS for shipping, costing around $17 with tracking from the USA). Keep the declared value under $20 to avoid customs issues. Get confirmation: I'll notify you upon receiving your glass shards package. I create your keepsake: I'll create your keepsake, which typically takes 2 to 6 weeks, depending on order volume. Ready to ship: I'll notify you when your keepsake is ready to be packed, with a picture. I ship your Keepsake: I'll carefully pack and ship your keepsake to the address you specify; the shipping cost is included in your purchase. Buyers are responsible for choosing the shipping company that will ship their wedding glass shards to my studio in Tel Aviv, and any delays or problems that may occur with the shipping are not my responsibility.
  • Packaging
    I pack all my items carefully with professional packaging materials so your purchase arrives safely.
  • Customs and Import taxes
    Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I am not responsible for any delays due to customs.
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