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Video Shown: 'Kelly' Glass smahed in Real Time

🔔 Are you gearing up for your big day? Let me help you make it even more memorable! As you prepare for your wedding, one of the Jewish traditions you might be considering is the smashing of a glass during the ceremony. It's a symbolic moment that marks the start of your new journey together.

In my shop, I offer kits that include the glass for this cherished tradition. See all options here:

What's special about these kits is that the shards from this glass can be transformed into a beautiful keepsake after your wedding day.

Alternatively, if you're just in need of the glass itself, I've got you covered!

Curious to see how it all works? Check out the video to witness the smashing of the glass model "Kelly" in real-time.

In this video, you'll see an example of how the glass model 'Kelly' is smashed. It serves as a good reference for your Jewish wedding ceremony. However, it's crucial not to replicate what you see in the video. Make sure to protect both the glass and yourself when breaking your wedding glass!

This video is only meant to illustrate the breaking of this model of glass, which is why I took the risk.

However, it's important that you take all precautions when breaking your wedding glass.

Safety precautions:

  • Stepping on glass can cause foot or ankle injuries, particularly if broken shards penetrate the shoe.

  • Wrap the glass in aluminum foil to contain the shards and minimize the risk of injury.

  • To further reduce the risk, consider adding a towel or appropriate extra protection.

  • The groom should wear appropriate shoes with strong soles that can break glass and prevent shards from passing through.

  • The groom should be cautious and use the heel of the shoe for stepping on the glass, as it offers more protection compared to the sole."

Let's make your wedding day truly unforgettable! 🥂✨

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